Ready Set Sharp is a family owned and operated business.  Matt Westall is a butcher who hates to use dull knives. He’s been sharpening knives for 15 years and is a certified professional sharpener. He, his wife Rebecca and Andy White work together to ensure you never have a dull moment.


Our Sharpening methods:

Our goal is to restore your blades while removing no more metal than necessary.  We sharpen with a water-cooled grinder to protect temper, then hone with fine abrasives.  We wipe off the abrasives, but recommend that you WASH KNIVES BEFORE USING.


CAUTION:  Your knives and tools will be very sharp, often

sharper than new.  Please handle and use them carefully -

sharp tools are inherently dangerous.  We are not responsible for cuts or injuries you may receive with your newly sharpened knives and tools.